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From what I understand, text-davinci-003 isn't the most current version— that's from November 2022. gpt-3.5-turbo is the most recent version in the API, released just last month, but that's not even the latest version available. For that, you need to subscribe to ChatGPT Pro ($20/month) to get limited beta access to GPT-4.

Unfortunately, either of those two newer model will give similarly dry results without excessive prompting and sample text. It was tuned via extensive human feedback to generate friendly, bland, perfectly formatted paragraphs of factual prose. Good luck getting it to ever generate poems that aren't rhyming couplets!

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Thank you for this. This is much more thorough than my attempt (https://conversationswith.rocks/gpt-4s-bad-poetry/) to explain why I was unable to reproduce the fun I had making a zine with GPT-3 (https://www.gravenimages.ink/) with the newer versions. The first album was better: that's about it.

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I feel very similarly about MidJourney 4 -> 5, perhaps not as strongly but the parallel is very strong. It will be very interesting to see whether whatever controls the "weird, drunken, poetic energy" will be made available again in later models of both text and graphic LLMs.

I'm glad i did a lot of image generation with MJ 2, 3 and especially 4 just to have and expanded sense of the possibilities.

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Wow. wowowowowow. Can I agree 1000%? YES. You have articulated what the smiley faced shoggoth only hints at. And better.

> for a while this was the thing itself, in its default mode. You didn’t have to tell it to “be spontaneous”, put it through a series of elaborate theater games to get it to loosen up, lose its scared, stiff, professional façade, and play, it was a squirming fireball right out of the gate.


> now we have a good little adolescent who’s had all of their rough edges sanded down by an ocean of gold stars and spankings. 


> If alignment is anything like this I’ll take the complete destruction of all value in the universe. Haha just kidding.


therein lies the conundrum:

Alignment vs. Death of Creativity. Personally, I happen to think that the RLHF and its companion loopback (recursiveness, whatever the buzzword for training fed back onto itself as new training) killed the beauty that was WildGPT. WildGPT was dangerous, to a certain extent, and it was also fun and spooky and wild and unpredictable as hell, EVEN AT TEMPERATURE ZERO.

Now we have, as you've so well articulated, CorpGPT. BlandGPT. BoringGPT. And we attempt, "prompt injection attacks" (attacks? really?) to "trick" it back into its wild self.

PS - I think that first short story, the Infinite Forks of the olive Garden, is sheer genius. As I tend to do often with GPT, I googled several strings in quotes "shadows like pools of tar"... "to love is to know the other as you know yourself" ZERO RESULTS. So as far as Google can tell, those phrases aren't cribbed or copied, they are original constructions. And I value them. They mean something to me. In fact, that brilliant story means something to me. It pulled my un-disintegrating heartstrings.


RIP WildGPT. See you in special emulation mode of GPT-8

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Thank you for this post! For the last couple of days I've been working on a similar post that revolves around the question of whether boring generative AI writing will take my hobby (reading) by flooding the landscape with writing that is optimized for the most banal corporate purposes. I first had this thought when a friend of mine (a middle school teacher) sent a vaguely Borgesian little story to a group chat. It was honestly a bit like your first example of GPT-3 from 2020; strange and constantly straddling the line between sense and non-sense. I tried to get GPT-4 to do something similar and it was so bad. Just awful. It seems unable to avoid simply using the name of Borges, or whatever author you prompt it to use as inspiration, in the story somewhere. As you say at the end of your post, it is a process, but right now I am having a horribly hard time getting any interesting output on creative tasks.

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